Doula Life

While always passionate about sisterhood and female empowerment, Jessica’s life direction changed after she discovered a documentary –The Business of Being Born- highlighting both women having a wonderful birth experience at home, and the cascade of interventions of a typical hospital birth.  After attending her best friend’s birth in 2010, witnessing the power and beauty innate in a mother-centered birth, she was emboldened with the passion to guide women to their own powerful, blissful birth.   

 Jessica Watts draws from her experience as mother of a child with special needs and a typically developing toddler, wife, birth/postpartum doula, and yoga teacher.  She integrates her skills, knowledge, and experience to uniquely serve women through their pregnancy and birth experience –whether working with them as a birth/postpartum doula or prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher.  She considers herself a birth activist, bridging the gap between the home and the hospital with evidence-based information and continuous care.  

Doula Knowledge

For her, pregnancy and birth was a defining time of spiritual growth and personal transformation using the practice of yoga.  After the birth of her first child, she answered the call to teach yoga.  In 2012, she became certified as a prenatal yoga teacher with Blooma.  She furthered her yoga knowledge by becoming a holistic yoga teacher certified through Pure Prana in 2013.  While already attending births of friends, she was further influenced by her teacher, Sarah Longacre to become a birth doula.  That same year, Jessica became a birth doula through DONA.  Jessica is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (200EYT, RPYT) and a certified birth doula with DONA.  A life-long interest in nutrition and wellbeing, Jessica naturally was drawl to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.  In 2016, Jessica began a 9 month course with Yogahealer, studying the “sister science” of yoga –Ayurveda.  Jessica looks forward to bringing more Ayurveda into her teachings and trainings for the birth year.  In her quest to serve women and families as best as possible, she took the DONA Postpartum Doula training.  She now offers Birth Year Doula Services as both a birth doula and postpartum doula. 

What To Expect

Working with Jessica, you will feel her nurturing nature, calming and confident presence, and pure love.  Jessica admits she falls in love with every mother she works with.  Partners appreciate her laid-back, but knowledgeable style.  Believing in birth as a team effort, Jessica builds rich relationships with both moms and partners that make for a deeper experience in pregnancy and in birth.  She supports mothers and families through the wide range of emotions, events, and experiences that happen during this time.  Jessica has experience working with many different kinds of people, families, and birth desires.  It is her greatest intention to serve the mother without judgment or bias.  


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