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Unique Doula CAre: Support for your birth year  

** I am not attending births at this time. I hope to restart in 2019!

For me, being a great doula is all about relationships.  Yes, doulas know plenty of tips and tricks, but in the end what really matters is how a doula makes you feel.  When working with me, you will gain friend who will deeply listen, offer empathy, and support without any judgement.  I have years of experience, guiding hundreds of women through pregnancy as a prenatal yoga teacher.  I am an experienced Momma and professional doula.  I know what women need during this important time in their lives.  I aim to cultivate a deeply trusting relationship with my clients, so that they can do the necessary inner-work to open up to birth and motherhood.  

My clients are the "high fact-finder" types, who do their research.  My clients are smart, and they are planners.  They've read about the high c-section rates, but they feel safer in a hospital.  They know a doula can help them avoid unnecessary interventions, but what else can a doula help them with?  


As a birth and postpartum doula, I work intensely with my clients for their whole birth year.  I act as your personal guide through the pregnancy and birth process.  I provide both you and your partner with important birth information, empowering you with evidenced-based information in the world of routine based care.   Emotional support is vital during this time.  I will nurture you and your partner through fears and concerns, uplifting both of you to feel fully supported and heard.  With yoga as my background, I bring a unique perspective to doula work.  I offer private prenatal and postnatal yoga for integrated support on both sides of the birth year.  I provide physical support through my knowledge of anatomy, breath work, and labor positions, helping to shorten your labor and inspire trust so that you feel unity with your body and baby.  I believe birth is a team effort!  I will provide support, while never taking over or getting in the way.  I will enhance the intimacy between you and your birth partner.  After birth, the journey has only just begun!  I help start the breastfeeding relationship, and assistant in processing this life-changing experience.  I am here for you during your postpartum period and fourth trimester.  You can call on me anytime.    

If you are looking for a doula who is like a birth-best friend you do yoga with... we might be a good match!  

I had the most wonderful experience with Jessica Watts at bliss birth yoga.

She really knows her stuff and isn’t pushy nor judgmental. Very supportive of YOUR birthing plan even it’s not optimal. For example I wanted a hospital birth and was very open to the idea of an epidural (which would make some other Doulas cringe :) not Jessica! She’s very supportive!

We met at radiance yoga on Prince street. She’s also a wonderful (the best) prenatal yoga teacher. She is so sweet, soft spoken, gentle and encouraging. I loved her so much that I ended up doing private prenatal sessions at home once or twice a week at a very reasonable price. Which helped tremendously during labor.
I still read her blog and newsletter even after I gave birth. Lol!

Please contact her, not only you’ll have the best Doula, you will gain a friend for life.
— Lara S
Jessica is the all encompassing definition of a doula and for anyone looking for invaluable support to help them have a magical birth experience, I recommend Jessica ten times over.
You were completely invaluable to me having a natural birth. I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. Being a doula is definitely your calling.
I had a very positive birth experience and I can’t recommend Jessica enough!

Interested in learning more?  Contact Jessica for packages and pricing.