Family Values Worksheet

Hi Yoga-Mommas! 

One of the things I love about the upcoming Labor Prep for Couples workshop is all the bonding couples experience.   It’s surprising sometimes how little we actually communicate with our partners.  Part of the issue is that we haven’t done our own inner work to know how we feel about one thing or the other.  The better you know yourself, the better you can communicate who you are and what you believe in.  This is key for a creating a partnership in parenting.  And, my dearest friends, you need a strong partner for this job!  Pregnancy is a primetime for figuring out what you align yourself with or against.  And, sure, there is a tendency to get judgy –it’s natural, but it’s not our best self.  Remember that what works for you and your family might not work for everyone else.  Respect others for having different values, and you learn much more about yourself.  This is your growing edge.  The yoga of motherhood can be difficult.  Leaning into those places and you come out a stronger momma.  

I created the Family Values Worksheet for you and your partner to use as an opportunity for bonding, and to work together to become better, more intentional parents.  Todd and I did a version of this a few weeks ago.  We were both surprised by how much interesting conversation came from it.  We learned new things about each other, and we got clear about what values we are striving for as a family.  Although it did take a bit of convincing to sit down and do the activity, once we got going, we both really enjoyed it.  Sometimes, in order to grow together, you have to put yourselves in uncomfortable places.  I guarantee this will be a lot less uncomfortable than a 10 hour cramming-marathon-birthing class!  

Do the worksheet, and then email me a picture of your family values document and tell me how it went.  I'll add pictures to the next newsletter and on the Facebook page.  You can leave comments under the pictures.  First person to send it in wins a foot massage during their next prenatal yoga savasana!  

Prenatal Yoga Recap
Tuesday, November 8th -Election Day

Theme:  Values
Question:  What's one value you'd like to teach your baby?  
Poses:  Lizard, wide legged forward fold

Jessica Watts