Reflection for the New Year

Dearest Yoga-Mommas,

It was so wonderful to see you all on Tuesday!  We had a great class with 10 Yoga-mommas.  I really enjoyed hearing from you as we reflected back to where we were in January 2016, and then thought about some highlights and milestones.  

Reflection on the past helps to deepen learning about who we are.  In this time of rapid growth and transition, it can feel like another lifetime ago when we look back to where we were 12 months before.  However, self-evolution requires integration of what we've learned before we can fully move on to the next step of who we are becoming.  Without refection, life can feel like a runaway train.  When you have done inner-work throughout your pregnancy –asking questions about who you are, and whom do you want to become –you move into an inner stability that exudes confidence as you embark on your journey into Motherhood.  Starting off this journey with clarity, and when challenges arise, you’ll be able to navigate the troubled waters.  Believe in yourself, dear Mommas.  You will enjoy the ride so much more. 
Daily journaling is a great practice that can ground you in what’s happening right now, and a reminder of where you've been.   Here's some journal questions for your self-evolution: 

1) Where was mentally, physically, spiritually in Jan 2016? 

2) What were some of my accomplishments in 2016?  

3) What are some lessons I learned that I'd rather not have to learn again?  
4) What am I ready for in 2017?  What is calling out to me?  What do I want more of? 
5) What am I ready to let go of?  What do I want less of?  What is no longer serving me? 
For more intention setting for your motherhood journey, please join me for Create Your Intentions, Goals & Vision Board for 2017
this Sunday, January 15th 2-4:30 p.m.  at Radiance Yoga.  You will have a unique opportunity to strategically bring forth what’s calling deep within you.  Design what you want to make happen next.  I’ll see you there! 



PS:  Special "thank you!" to Michelle and Lauren for coming to my prenatal yoga photoshoot on Friday.  We had a lot of fun!  

Jessica Watts