Dearest Yoga-Mommas,  

Congratulations to Laura!  We are all very excited for you, and we can't wait to hear your birth story.  Wishing you birth healing and lots of love.   

This week I was really happy to get back in touch with you all.  Many people took off for Thanksgiving, so it was nice to see my ladies back and ready for yoga.  We had a lively conversation before class about cervical dilation and station of baby.  These are key things to learn before having a baby.  A good birthing class will teach you how dilation and effacement of cervix plus station of the baby are critical for labor to progress.  It's not all about dilation.  

I highly recommend checking out what the cervix looks like.  Click here. 

Learning the anatomy of the pregnant body is helpful in understanding all the aches and pains. Click here

Here's a great video that explains terms and parts of the pregnant body.  (bottom right 3d video) Click here.  

Finally, please take a look at this week's tip-sheet.  This week I share how to use the B.R.A.I.N. method for coming to a decision when things come up in pregnancy and labor.  It's a very useful method that helps empower you to ask questions and take the reigns becoming the leader in your birth.   
See you all next week!!   



Prenatal Yoga Recap
Tuesday, November 29th

Theme:  Addressing the pains of the body
Question:  Checking in   
Poses:  Head and Neck rolls, squats! 

Jessica Watts