The Yoga of Motherhood

Dear Yoga-Mommas,
First, I want to send out love and a big congratulations to Michelle, Amiya, and Shannon on their recent births.  Please keep in touch with us, and send pictures when you can!  We'd love to hear your birth story.  Feel free to bring your baby in and say hi!  

Prenatal yoga can deepen your spiritual path.  In pregnancy, there is a certain emotional and physical vulnerability, an openness that inspires receptivity to the universe.  One finds their truest dharma, or life’s purpose, Motherhood.  Live your life in alignment to your dharma, and you expand in the pulsation of the universe.  All your life’s lessons, your personal growth, your struggles, your growing edges become a part of the higher mission that you are called to.  As you refine yourself, and integrate the past, your dharma grows.  You are on your path, the Yoga of Motherhood. 
I found my dharma deepen as my first-born son, Nico, showed signs of Autism.  My baby boy who I devoted myself to seemed to be changing in front of my eyes.  Expectations of what motherhood was going to be like slowly ground to a halt.  This was not going to be an easy ride.  
I learned at my baby girl Luna’s birth that she had a twin, but the twin never made it past 12 weeks.  I blocked the news for 4 months as I tried to enjoy my live baby, but one day my baby angel called me to remember her.  I broke down completely.  My dharma shifted as I contracted.  I had a lot to learn about being a mother. 
Witnessing my best friend birth her son, I discovered my dharma to be a birth worker.  Supporting women in their greatest moments, at the peak of prana, became my duty.  I guide women and their partners through their rite of passage to an empowered birth, embracing this dharma to build a better future.  The Yoga of Motherhood is rich with life and death, with contraction and expansion, with marches and falls, interconnected with the universe. 
Where has the Yoga of Motherhood taken you?  Are you leaning into your dharma? Are you expanding or contracting (double meaning there)?

In devotion, 


Jessica Watts