What's your growing edge?

This week we continue our conversation about the Yoga of Motherhood, I asked "what is your growing edge"?  I find my dharma and "my growing edge" are intertwined. Within my Dharma - one's life purpose, or duty- I find the many lessons the universe is trying to teach me.  It is within the struggles just outside my reach that I discover my "growing edge."  My dharma pushes further along, challenging me to move to the next step of who I becoming.  
In this great dharma of Motherhood, I believe our children choose us because we teach each other the lessons we both need to fulfill our own individual dharma -mother and child.  Whether prenatal or postnatal, our babies help us grow and expand, deepening who we are and what we are capable of.  Children bring out the best of us, and sometimes the worst.  They reflect back the qualities we most need.  Together, our dharma's are intertwined.  These qualities, or lessons, we need to learn most are our "growing edge."  Even in pregnancy, your child may be teaching you qualities like patience, letting go, or trust.   By tuning into what is arising within you, you take the opportunity for growth.  In this way, you evolve to teach your children what they need most.  Self inquiry is the first step for self evolution.  What's next for you?  What is your growing edge?   
Recent "graduate" of prenatal yoga, Shannon, sent me a beautiful email responding to last week's newsletter message.  She explains how believes her baby chose her, and her thoughts after a more difficult birth experience. Please take the time to read it, and check out our super cute new baby picture gallery below.  Click here for Shannon's birth story.  Postnatal moms, what do you think your birth taught you?  What is your baby currently teaching you about yourself?  I'd love to hear from you!  

In devotion, 


Jessica Watts