Labor Prep Workshop
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Labor Prep Workshop

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The Labor Prep workshop is designed to help you and your partner have more bonding, relaxing, and well-prepared birth experience.  You will learn my doula tips and tricks on how to move through a contraction, feel connected, and supported as a couple.  This class is different from other birth classes.  Here we will focus on teaching the partner essential tools, while guiding moms to reflect to her partner what feels right in her body.  We’ll cover essential questions like, “When should we go to the hospital?”  Your partner will feel ready to fully support you throughout the birth process.  You’ll feel at ease knowing positions and comfort measures that feel right in your body.  However, general topics covered are below:

-Sharing birth vision

-What is early labor like?  And what should I do?

-What is active labor like?  And what should I do?

-Partner learns 3 comfort measures

-Practice comfort measure through a pretend contraction

-6 Senses of Labor: Comfort Measures Handout

-Learn 7 Positions and Movements for faster, easier labor

-Practice positions together

-Practice Positions with Comfort Measures full partner support

-Partner support in between contractions

-When to go to the hospital? 

-How to give support in the hospital: learn the “B.R.A.I.N Method”


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Birthing Without Fear Workshop
7:30 PM19:30

Birthing Without Fear Workshop

Are you harboring stress and fear about your birth?  It’s time for a shift.  Gather together with other pregnant Mommas to dive in deep, gather the courage within, to share and listen.  Learn tools to help you process your feelings, and move into your birth free from fear.  Do the inner-work necessary so that you can give birth without fear! 



-creative expression 

-yoga nidra for releasing fears 

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