Practicing the Yoga of Motherhood

welcome to our yoga-mommas community 

Jessica is proud to stand out as a yoga teacher who specializes solely in prenatal and postnatal yoga.  You will receive the care, and specialize instruction you need wherever you are on your Yoga-Momma path.  She offers a variety of yoga to fit your birth year needs.  Check out her offerings, and contact her to schedule your next transformational yoga experience.  


PRivate Prenatal yoga

 Jessica has found that prenatal yoga benefits moms in many ways -physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Moms who practice with Jessica experience feeling less back pain, more open hips, stronger bodies, find more confidence, and connection with their babies.  Her dynamic classes are a mixture of community building, introspection, relaxation, strengthening, and deep stretching.  Jessica is a unique teacher.  She brings her motherhood and birth doula experience, weaving her tips and tricks for labor and motherhood throughout her classes.  Her favorite part of all her classes is connecting with her students, asking them thought provoking questions, and listening to them as they reflect and grow throughout their pregnancy.