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Labor Prep for Couples Workshop

Navigating through the process of preparing for childbirth can be overwhelming.  Worrying about the logistics of what to bring, when’s the right time to go to the hospital, and what to expect are all normal concerns of pregnant couples.  Avoiding unnecessary interventions, including cesarean, has become increasingly challenging with many hospitals reporting numbers well over national average cesarean rates.  As a birth doula, I guide families to experience a positive, empowering birth by teaching tips and tricks of the trade. 

In this workshop, I share my “trade secrets” to help couples empower themselves with tools to advocate for their birth wishes, avoid unnecessary interventions, and learn effective contraction comfort measures.  Partners will learn how to fully support moms through the birth process.  No matter what kind of birth you are planning, this workshop is for you!  This workshop is a perfect addition to any birth class or other birth education. 

-Sharing your birth vision

-What is early labor like?  And what should I do?

-What is active labor like?  And what should I do?

-6 Senses of Labor: Comfort Measures 

-Learn 7 Positions and Movements for faster, easier labor

-Practice Positions with Comfort Measures full partner support

-Partner support in between contractions

-When to go to the hospital?